Life in the lab

Lab Gallery

Many bright students and interesting visitors have passed through the lab over the years. The collection of pictures may bring back memories for those who find familiar faces but also gives a glimpse into the everyday life in the lab. People rarely take pictures on an ordinary day, which is why you'll find most people engaged in some sort of recreational activity.

Poster collection

Poster Gallery

A collection of posters gives a quick overview of some of the research topics that we have worked on over the past few years.

Other lifeforms

Life Gallery

Our laboratory is part of the nanoscale science division at ISSP. People occasionaly ask us what is nanotechnology? Images of atoms lined up in rows is something that can get us all excited but tends to remain rather distant and hard to appreciate for visitors who are not specialists in this particular field of research. I therefore offer as an example of nanotechnology life itself, which ultimately operates on a molecular, or nanometer scale.

This gallery of images shows some of the smaller lifeforms on the Kashiwa campus. These creatures are still big enough for the human eye to appreciate, and yet they are incredible collections of nanometer-scale sensors, actuators, and data processing units. We can also find colorful displays and a level of self-organizing, self-reproducing nanoscale complexity that we can only dream of reproducing in the lab.