Most of our projects are related to high-temperature growth of ultrathin oxide films. There are a number of techniques that are used to achieve good crystalline quality of complex oxides and also atomic-level control over the growth rate.

The oxides that we work with often contain three or more elements in a unit cell. We also change material compositions often. Pulsed laser deposition, also known as laser ablation or Laser molecular beam epitaxy is an excellent technique for growing films of this type. It allows us to grow thin films of most complex oxides and covers a very wide range of process parameters, such as temperature or ambient gas pressure.

All of the deposition systems in our lab are custom built for oxide work. The chambers are compact and can operate at up to 1500°C growth temperature in pure oxygen. In situ analysis techniques include RHEED, CAICISS, STM, and AFM.

Examples of two PLD chambers

Views of our first laser-heated PLD chamber.
Construction of a small PLD chamber for beamline use.